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5 Types of Side Hustles You Should Try

Creating a lucrative side hustle is like starting a new hobby. First, you have to figure out what interests you, then you have to test it to see if you’re any good. It’s really no different than your basic 9-5. You have to have the skill to power through the good, the bad, and the “I’m so over this.” moments.

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To help you get to making some extra money faster, I’ve come up with 5 types of side hustles that almost anyone can do. They’re super easy and require little to no startup funds.

Are you ready?

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1.The Hobby-Based Side Hustle

Become a personal chef:

If you love to cook, you can easily turn that passion into cash with a personal chef business. Start by advertising to friends and family. Ask the businesses in your neighborhood if they need catering services. If you start with the familiar, you’ll be more than ready when you branch out into the unknown.

Create t-shirt designs to sell on Cafepress/Zazzle:

Graphic tees sell like hotcakes no matter where you live. Everyone loves them. You can make them for the gym, for concerts/festivals, special occasions, etc. The options are endless, and with an online store from Cafepress or Zazzle, you’ll be able to reach just about anyone.

Sell homemade crafts on Etsy:

Etsy is the marketplace for everything crafty. Do you make cute greeting cards? Printable art? Phone cases? There’s a customer waiting for you to list your products, so don’t waste anymore time!

Put your website templates on Envato:

A unique website template can be hard to come by these days so if you know how to code, you’re in for some major business. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, and writers all need a smooth-running website to keep their business up. Putting your templates on Envato will be like candy for them.

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2. The Skill-Based Side Hustle

Freelance through Upwork or Fiverr:

Upwork and Fiverr are a goldmine for freelancers who need a little extra income. You can find jobs for the day, week, or even year to help you reach your financial goals. Setting accounts on each is super quick, so you could be promoting yourself in no time.

Become a tutor via Skype or Wyzant:

Being smart isn’t just something you can brag about, it can be your money-maker. Tutoring can range from languages, math, business training, or anything else you know you’re amazing at doing. With Skype and Wyzant, you’ll be able to tutor from the comfort of your own home, too.

Create an online course on Udemy:

Online courses are the holy grail for people who need to learn a skill but have no time or money for traditional schooling. If you’ve found a topic that your friends and family are constantly asking you about, you can probably write a course on that. There’s tons of people looking for someone more knowledgeable than them to teach them how to start a business or become an influencer. You could be that teacher once you start on Udemy.

Write an ebook through Kindle direct publishing:

Kindle Direct Publishing makes it so easy to publish an ebook now. Publishing the traditional way and using tangible materials can really add up. When you’re trying to make extra money with your side hustle, you want to keep your overhead expenses down. An ebook will help you do just that, while also making your knowledge tangible to the world.

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3. The Economy-Based Side Hustle

Become an Uber or Lyft driver:

If you have a car, you have the perfect way to make some extra money. Working for Uber and Lyft allows you to create your own schedule. Driving home between classes could be an extra two trips for you. There will be plenty of students in a college town that need your help so running out of clientele would be extremely difficult.

Walk dogs in the neighborhood:

Anyone with a full-time job knows their dog isn’t getting a ton of attention during the day. So many of those owners wish they had a reliable dog walker to take their dogs out for a walk and some exercise. Check your neighborhood for who’s normally out in the mornings, and ask those dog owners if they’d like some extra help during the day. And, if you’re concerned about not having enough work or want to have insurance, check out Wag!

Become a local tour guide:

Have you live in the same place your whole life and feel like you know every inch of it like the back of your hand? If you that pride in your hometown and love it when friends come to visit from out for town, imagine the rush you’d get as a local tour guide! It’s a pretty perfect side hustle for you.

Help others move homes on Taskrabbit:

Moving can be really annoying and it can be hard to convince your friends to help even if you offer them pizza and drinks afterwards. You’d be a literal lifesaver Taskrabbit. People move for all sorts of reasons at all times of the year. You’ll be raking it in all year long.

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4. The Rent-Based Side Hustle

Rent out your spare room on Airbnb:

Airbnb grew to power so fast and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of that if you’ve got a spare room that needs to be occupied. It’s the perfect way to make friends from all over the world, cover half your rent, and make some money on the side.

Lend out your tools to your neighbors:

Be the person in your neighborhood with all the stuff. When someone asks if you’ve got a shovel, yes. When someone asks if you’ve got a rake, yes. Once your neighbors learn you’re willing to lend them your tools, they’ll start coming to you instead of buying their own.

Let people borrow your car on Turo:

If your car is just sitting in your driveway for hours a day, you might as well lend it out to make some extra cash. When tourists come to visit your city, your car could be the one they’re taking instead of from some rental company. People love to take cool cars out for a spin when on vacation. Why not let them take yours with Turo?

Rent out your designer clothes on Style Lend:

Buying designer unfortunately means you may not wear it as much as you’d like but you can get your money’s worth if you rent them out. Some people either don’t have the money, hate shopping, or just don’t know what to buy. By creating your own closet on Style Lend, you’ll be helping the both of you at the same time.

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5. The Labor-Based Side Hustle

Offer your services as a mechanic:

Having someone nearby that knows cars is pretty invaluable. It takes the sting off of car trouble just a little when you know your mechanic friend is only 10 minutes away. If you can earn the trust of your neighbors, you’ll be in business for life.

Ask your neighbors if they need a landscaper:

The weather is just starting to get back warm again, so now is the perfect time to start a lawn care business. All your neighbors haven’t had their lawns cut in weeks so stop by with your mower and shears. Once they see you’re prepared, they’ll be eager to get their lawns looking beautiful again.

Help your neighbor with their garden:

The beginning of spring is the best time to help someone spruce up their garden. Flowers need to be planted, hedges need to be cut, and weeds need to be pulled, so if you love smelling the roses, this is the perfect side hustle for you.

Become a housekeeper in your spare time:

Cleaning can be so calming, especially for those of us with stress and anxiety. You can harness the power of zen while making someone’s home spotless through Handy. Think about how grateful work-from-home moms would be when they need a break from the daily chores. They’ll be calling you back at least once a week.

Are you thinking of starting any of these side jobs? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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