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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Headspace

When we think about spring cleaning, normally we’re imagining cleaning the gutters, scheduling a cleaning service, or taking clothes to the drycleaners. But, tidying up for spring isn’t just about removing the dust; it’s about making your headspace more livable. Our clothes, organizing habits, junk drawers, and cars all need a refresher at least once a year but when it’s time to spring clean, I want you to remember the more personal parts of your life, as well.

Sell, Donate, or Toss

Spring is the perfect time to go through that pile of unwanted junk you no longer use. Don’t currently have a pile? We both you know you can make one in a snap! Over one full year, we accumulate so much stuff that sometimes we don’t even know what we have anymore. Or, even worse, we end up with multiples of stuff we never even used.

To start, grab 3 bags/ bins and label them as “sell”, “donate”, and “toss”. Next, just start rummaging around your house. Empty out that junk drawer that always seems to fill up in the kitchen for some reason. Go through your clothes and clear out anything you haven’t even looked at in a year or more. Books, trinkets, photos, excess cups, broken tools, and anything with holes you don’t actually plan to fix; it all has to go.

Glance Over Your Bank Account

Over one year, we can really rack up on the subscriptions. Are you fully aware of what and when everything is coming out of your account? If you’ve found yourself low on funds after a random subscription withdrawal but have still not closed the account, get rid of it! You’re wasting way too much money. If you aren’t taking advantage of that subscription, let it go!

Companies make so much extra money from people who forget to cancel their free trials! Stop being a victim to those sneaky loopholes. If you find a limited time subscription you aren’t ready to end yet, look up the next charge date and set that as a reminder on your calendar to cancel the day before. You’ll save so much money this year if you start paying more attention.

Go Through Your Social Media

This might seem like a weird one, but you can seriously evolve over a year. Are you still following someone you’re no longer friends with or stopped dating 6 months ago? Let’s go ahead and delete them. This spring cleaning tip is all for your mental health. Anything that would bring up old memories you need not remember or rehash needs to go.

People put a lot of blame on social media for our state of mental health, but we are in full control of what we see. You shouldn’t be following anyone or anything that makes you feel anything less than amazing when you open that app.

Reorganize Your Closet

Now that you’ve done the hard part of going through your old clothes, you can actually put your closet back together again! Since spring and summer are headed our way, everything for the warm months should be at eye-level, within arms-reach, or hanging instead of folded. This will make it super easy to get dressed for any occasion. Color-coding is a great trick, as well, that helps with matching and shopping for new pieces.

Along with these tips, it should go without saying that your baseboards, bedsheets, windows, floors, and walls all need a little sprucing up, too! You can’t neglect your living space just like you can’t forget about your headspace. They go hand in hand, and if one is junky, the other will soon follow.

Happy spring cleaning!

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  1. I definitely need to clean out my closet for Spring!


  2. I actually do a few of these things every year…I go through a social media “purge” and also list all of my clothes on Poshmark that I no longer need!

  3. Simple tips. Reorganizing and purging the closet is one tip that I follow at the beginning for every season! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Tossing and donating is one of the small task that gives me great peace in my home ☺️
    The less I have the bigger my joy seems to be lol

  5. Oh my! I can’t wait for spring cleaning! I have started a little bit, but having toddlers doesn’t make it easy!😂

  6. I used to love spring cleaning, now with a baby is a lot harder to do.

  7. Abs says:

    Stuff I needed to hear. Thank you so much

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