Top 8 Dangerous Ingredients Beauty Industry Don’t Talk About

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If you are a beauty junkie like me, you probably have heard about the worst ingredients stored in your everyday beauty products. But if you aren’t, you might want to go back to take a second look at all of your beauty products


Parabens are common ingredients used to prevent bacteria and mold in cosmetics and skin care products. They are commonly found in facial cleansers, foundation, body washes, deodorant and lotions. They are known for affecting your hormonal balance which has a very high potential for breast cancer development.

Artificial Fragrance / Perfume

Many cosmetic products, even the “unscented” ones contain artificial fragrance. It is not required for manufacturers to reveal what’s in artificial fragrances so you will most likely see “artificial fragrance” or “perfume” on the ingredients. These unregulated ingredients are often toxic which may lead to the formation of carcinogens, which may lead to cancer.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless by-product of a distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. This ingredient is commonly found in styling gels, moisturizers, ointment, and baby oils. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), mineral oil may be contaminated with toxins that have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.


Talc is made up of magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. It is often found in baby powders, eyeshadows, blushes and face powders. The reason why it is commonly used is because talc absorbs moisture. Recent study shows that talc may contain asbestos, which is highly known to cause asbestosis, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and many other diseases.


Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that’s often found in toothpastes, soaps, detergents, and deodorants. According to FDA, Triclosan is an endocrine disruptor and suspected carcinogen. It was shown that Triclosan alters hormone regulation and contributes to bacteria resistance to antibiotics in mouse studies.


Often found in plastic toys, Phthalates are plasticizers that are added to plastic to prevent them from getting brittle. Studies show that in both animals and humans, Phthalates might have some effect on hormones. Like Parabens, Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and can lead to reproductive problems.

Sodium Lauryn Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

SLS/SLES are foaming agents that are widely used in shampoos, toothpastes and cosmetics. The use of SLS/SLES is irritating to the skin and eyes. There are examples that claims these ingredients can cause serious eye damage. The National Toxicological Program states that both compounds contain a by-product of a manufacturing process which is believed to be carcinogenic.

Ethanolamines (Mono-, Di-, Tri- )

All ethanol amines are foaming agents. Mostly found in bubble baths, shower gels, shaving creams and shampoos in the USA. They are often abbreviated as DEA in beauty products. The EU has restricted DEA in beauty products because DEA can react with nitrates in other beauty products to form carcinogens and respiratory toxins, which may cause cancer.

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