Top 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Micro Influencers

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As a micro influencer, you have narrowed down your niche, found your tribe, and remain relatable to your followers. Your photos have an authenticity about them that makes people trust you and therefore, want to support you. Turning that trust into income is where influencer marketing platforms come in.

Brands are swiftly changing how they think about marketing. Micro influencer marketing has skyrocketed over the last few years because of how lucrative it is for both sides. You get to promote and share a brand you love while also adding coins to your bank account. Brands get seen by thousands of potential new customers that might not have given them a chance if it wasn’t coming from someone as trustworthy as that specific micro influencer.

Joining the right platform for your following, brand, and niche can skyrocket your income to new heights. With the common factors being niche, feed aesthetic, number of followers, and engagement rate, Influencer marketing platforms accept influencers based on a combination of these factors and start showcasing them to brands that could really use their help!

So, how do you get in on all these exciting new marketing changes? Well, I’ve rounded up info on the top 5 influencer marketing platforms for micro influencers. Now, all you need to do is apply and find campaigns that speak to you and your audience.


All you need is an Instagram account with an engagement rate higher than 2% to start. Apexdrop works in trade collaborations. Creators receive free gifts from brands valued between $100-300 in exchange for a post showcasing their love of the product. The platform handles all influencer and brand matching so both parties are constantly receiving perfect matches for their target audience. Just fill out the quick Typeform application and you’ll be on your way to some awesome free merch!


If you consider yourself to be just an average person with a cool Insta page, Heartbeat is for you! They pride themselves on making the average person into an influencer with a just the click of a few buttons. Sign up with your public Instagram account and start filling in your profile. Being as detailed as you can will really help the campaigns generate in your favor and will automatically generate your pay rate per post. The more the platform knows about you, your audience, and what you post, the more likely you are to get matched with brands that you’ll really love. Once accepted to a campaign, just follow the instructions, post, and submit. Within a few days, you’ll be paid for your work!


If you have 5,000 or more engaged followers who love your authenticity, iFluenz will love you! Once your profile is complete, you’re able to browse campaigns listed from brands searching for influencers to help them grow. Find one you like? Send in your proposal and start the negotiations. Once approved, post and get paid. It’s as simple as that!

Social Native

If you haven’t been invited yet it’s no big deal. Just head to the creators page to request an invite. Once you receive your invite link and complete your profile, you will start receiving campaign invites you’ve been matched with. Compensation from each campaign will vary between free product and monetary compensation. A big bonus when accepting these invites is the possibility to be featured on the brand’s main social media page. That feature will get you even more exposure and hopefully some new engaged followers.


You’ll need at least 5,000 followers on Instagram or Youtube to join but that’s it! You’ll have access to 1-on-1 communication with brands looking for influencers to help promote their new products. Your profile will be complete with your engagement rates and demographics so brands can see what you have to offer before even speaking with you. They provide an extremely integrated experience that allows easy flow for both influencers and brands. Once a brand likes what they see, you’ll be invited to their campaign. From there you can submit a proposal to receive your product and create your post. Payment is handled right through the app, as well, for complete ease-of-use.

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  1. Ive never heard of these platforms but thanks for the info. I’m going to add these to my tool belt for my blog.

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    Thanks for the pointers. I hadn’t heard of most of these until now. I’m sure they’ll prove to be helpful.

  3. I’ve only tried or heard of heartbeat. It did work for me once, but most of the campaigns that they give out to everybody don’t fit most things. I’m a travel writer and it was always offering me cannabis products saying we were a perfect match. But they say that to everybody. But ill look into the others!

    1. rbhkn says:

      If you like this, I would share and maybe review of others that I have tried 🙂 let me know!

  4. Very helpful. I’ll definitely be looking into some of these!

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  10. I used to like Heartbeat but now they are getting cheap and don’t want to pay for my payrate increase since my engagement on IG is really high.

    1. rbhkn says:

      That is interesting. I am actually a moderator for Heartbeat group pages. Would you like to connect?

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  16. Recently the Influenster market is fading away because of the fake followers and lame accounts. I never heard about these markets. Will check them out.

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